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Black Girls Eat

Oct 17, 2020

Back for a brand new season. Plant-based advocate LA Dunn celebrates National Pasta Day and her beloved Bucatini Pasta. She also spends time with the doctor who helped influence her investigation into whole foods, super foods and organic foods. Meet Rheumatologist, Dr. Maggie Cadet and learn more about issues in Black...

Feb 29, 2020

LA decides to stop being a punk and finally makes a tofu dish. She also finds a vegan cheese she can live with and shares a surf and turf memory from a Beefsteak Charlies restaurant in NYC. Listen to find out why she breaks her own rule around receiving kitchen items as Valentine's Day gifts and find out what Black...

Feb 1, 2020

Don't sit on the side lines for the big game or the even bigger party. Hear what LA has to say about surviving Super Bowl Parties. Find out how she feels about getting to 31 days without eating anything that had a parent or a face and check out her first impression of vegan cheese. 
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Jan 26, 2020

The 2nd Season Kick Off- Lizzo, African-American Women, Obesity , WTF is Veganuary? and Oh yeah...Happy Birthday to Peanut Butter.