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Black Girls Eat

Mar 20, 2021

Host and plant-based advocate LA Dunn breaks down The Great American Meat Out Day (March 20), celebrates Chocolate Caramel and spends time with social media sensation, Chef Lioness to find out how she works her magic with dance and food.

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Jan 16, 2021

Black Girls Eat Host and Plant-Based advocate LA Dunn spends time with the team from the Nourish Spot and learns how the juice, smoothie and salad bar in Jamaica, Queens got started and how they pivoted during the pandemic to meet the needs of the community. There's also a celebration of Strawberry Ice Cream and a nod...

Dec 18, 2020

Host and plant based advocate LA Dunn spends time with Nikki Glover, CEO of The Courageous Spoon, an intimate catering business she founded in order to pursue her dreams.  Nikki shares her journey as a business woman and how she and her husband fought Covid-19 with a plant powered punch. 

Dec 12, 2020

Host and plant based advocate, LA spreads the word about the new ice cream flavor from Ben, Jerry and Colin Kapernick and spends some time with music industry icon, Leslie Segar. Leslie AKA Big Lez burst onto the scene as a gymnast turned dancer. She has performed with many of our favorite artists including...

Nov 14, 2020

Plant based advocate LA Dunn celebrates the birth of the Ritz cracker and spends time with social justice warrior, Chef Kimberly Renee. Listen and learn more about her company Might Be Vegan and its latest initiative Food Love. Together, they discuss her restaurant dreams, the power of making your own cheese and...